once upon a time.

April 2013 to be precise, Roy and Rohan met for the first time in New York City.

Roy, an avid photographer and animal lover, arrived in the big apple (dog in tow) looking for a new adventure. Rohan, a banker by day and musician by night, arrived in the Empire State carried by the ebb and flow of a career in finance.

The odds of a frequently apologetic Brit and a direct, unashamedly unapologetic Israeli becoming close friends seemed slim. However, as we have now learned as startup co-founders, it’s best not to pay attention to the odds!

Throughout 2013 
Roy and Rohan started discussing business ideas to promote a healthy lifestyle. Why? They had both read and seen first-hand how not leading a healthy lifestyle could have a profoundly negative impact on people’s lives. They had a lot of passion, ambition and some great ideas. Fear of the unknown and a ‘what if it doesn’t work’ mentality manifested itself in a lack of action.

In April 2014
 Rohan's father was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer.  Given his father’s smoking addiction, it was the news his family never wanted to hear but had always feared.  Sadly, in September 2014, only 5 months after the diagnosis, his father passed away.  For both Roy and Rohan, this was the catalyst to stop talking and take action.

In September 2016
 the pair co-founded ShotCo together with a simple goal: to make health fun.

leveraging the knowledge of a talented registered dietician, the two friends have formulated and launched a range of unique functional shots which are low in sugar and easy to consume.  Each ingredient serves a purpose, and our shots are designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine.

Conveniently healthy, simply pop the cap, swig it back and get on with the grind.


Rohan & Roy