ShotCo makes functional juice-based shots.

To save you time, we spent ours developing a fast, fun and easy way to deliver nutrients on the go.

Our concentrated range of shots are designed to push your senses outside their comfort zone.

Once you are there, great things happen.

the benefits.


Small yet packing a punch. ShotCo shots fit easily into your pocket, gym bag, or anywhere so you can get a powerful dose of functional nutrition whenever and wherever you need it.


From morning wake-up, pre/post workout, immune or digestive system boosts, the ShotCo range is custom-blended to help you optimize, perform, and feel great.

Low in Sugar

Our juice shots are organic, straight from the source with no added sugar. Meaning our products are sweet, naturally.

Fast Acting

Fast to drink and fast to act. Made from powerful natural ingredients that are optimized for rapid absorption, ShotCo is functional nutrition that won't slow you down.

give our environment a shot.

We are proud to invest at least 1% of annual sales in environmental non-profits creating positive change.



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